About us

Indonesia like many other developing country has a young population with 30% of its people are children and teenagers and at this time there is still no dental clinic that caters especially for children's dental needs with a cozy and inviting environment for children.

Therefore, in 2007 Dr. Melissa together with her colleagues and best friends from dental school, Dr. Olivia co-founded Kidz Dental Care. 

Our dental office in 2007-2010
Dr. Melissa & Dr. Olivia started to promote
the importance of dental health children. 
Since June 17th 2010, Dr. Priska joined and the name become Kidz Dental Care and Orthodontic Clinic as the first and only dental clinic for children in Jakarta, Indonesia. Together, they hope to one day open branches nationwide to fulfill the need for comprehensive specialty dental treatment for children and teenagers.

From left to right : 
 drg. Melissa Antonia, SpKGA (Spesialis Gigi Anak/ Pedodontist)
drg. Olivia Bratanata, SpKGA (Spesialis Gigi Anak/ Pedodontist)
drg. Priska Hendrawan, SpOrt (Spesialis Ortodontik/ Orthodontist)

We have 3 Dental Offices : 

4. Coming soon in 2016 : Kidz Dental at BSD !!

Meet our friendly Staff...
Our Pedodontist & Orthodontist. 
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Our Patient Coordinator
They make sure all patient's schedule are well arranged,
so children don't need to wait too long in the dental clinic.

Our Dental Assistant
They help the dentist during the dental treatment
All of them are friendly, and love children.